The past year has been like no other in our lifetimes.  We’ve all experienced loss, fear, and uncertainty in both our personal and professional lives.  But we’ve also seen an amazing community spirit with neighbors helping neighbors and so many acts of kindness.  We saw that firsthand at Cheers Sports through our Community Tee Project and the unbelievable support for so many of our local small businesses.  Now, as we come out of the dark we’ll be tested in new ways, and once again we’ll have to come together and understand how our new-normal will affect local businesses.


Many small businesses are experiencing the best and worse scenarios hit them at the same time… increased business opportunities but too little inventory to fill those orders.  Go to a lumber store, car dealership, auto parts store, or look for a new home.  Everything is in short supply and prices are skyrocketing.  Sporting goods isn’t immune to it either.  We’re seeing longer lead times, price increases, freight costs at levels we’ve never seen before, and inventory levels in some categories extremely low or nonexistent.  It’s going to be frustrating for all of us until these supply lines get back to something we’re all more accustomed to.  The good news is we’re a member of the nations leading sporting goods buying group and we have a wonderful line of vendors to get you the gear you need.  Yes, there will be bumps along the way but you can count on us to get you the gear you need.  The best advice we can give until these supply lines work themselves out is to build in as much time as you can when looking to get your gear. 


Thank you for your continued loyalty and partnership with us, and thanks for continuing to Shop Local.  We all need to continue to support our local businesses, and we need to be patient with these businesses and understand they are doing the best they can.  We’ll get through this!


Denny Petrella